Duolingo Russian available on 10th September

I was monitoring this course since a long time and finally it seems it’s gonna happen: Duolingo Russian is finally coming!

Regex considerations for Machine Readable Passport

For a recent project I was looking into Passport Numbers and the, apparently, impossibility to validate them. From there I played with MRTDs or Machine Readable Travel Documents and passports are nowadays one of those, making the customs procedures faster ( unless you land in Miami, then it’s going to be a mess anyway ).

Remove the last character in a SQL string

Google is your friend and Internet the place where you can find pretty much an answer for every question you ever had. Too bad it’s not always the good one (or not the one you were looking for…).

Decode and Encode Unicode data in SQL Server

While working on a internet and intranet website with detailed description of cities around the world, I faced difficulties in the encoding and decoding of Unicode data.

Run Jekyll on Windows

My blog didn’t get updated that often recently, huh?


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